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Dear Fly By Knight Designs,
I couldn’t have been any more pleased with the quality of my Critter Collars as well as the prompt friendly and personalized service I received when placing my order. They were perfect for my litter of labradoodles, and a "must have" for future litters! They were not only stylish, but comfortable for the pups, easy to adjust, and a perfect way to identify each pup in the litter. I would highly recommend Critter Collars to any breeder. 
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Rhode Island


Dear Fly By Knight Designs,
Re:  Critter Collars
...these are brill - I've used them on 3 litters now!!
United Kingdom


We are thoroughly pleased with the quality of the collars.  They are easily adjustable as the pups grow, and having bought both small and medium, as the pups outgrow the smalls, we'll just transfer the mediums to them.  It makes distinguishing them so much easier - and much cleaner - than a piece of yarn.  Thanks so much. 
Ravenna Kennels
March 11, 2008


Dear Fly By Knight Designs,
Re:  Critter Collars
Thanks again for such a useful and well made product. 



I just wanted to tell you that we got to use for the first time your critter collars. They are wonderful !! We have tried so many different things in the past and this is by far the best thing we have used yet. 
Thank you so much for such a useful and wonderful product. 
St. Petersburg, Florida
September 22, 2009


Dear Fly By Knight Designs,Critter Collars - Grassland Labradors
Your Critter Collars are amazing! We breed Labradors and have ordered them with every litter! They are a must have with our whelping supplies, so much easier to keep track of their progress. We place the collars on when they are born and they go to their new homes with them on! Thank you for excellent quality!
Thank You,
Grassland Labradors
Delhi, CA